История штата Нью-Йорк

A political history of the state of New York. 1909. Vol.III

A political history of the state of New York. 1909. Vol.III

Wmrn politicians indecently clamoure l for office, as in– dieated in the eoneluding ehapter of the preceding volume, President Lincoln, whenever eseape from the patronage hunt– ers permitted, wn~ eonsidering the wiiidom of provisioning Fort ~nmter. Urave douLt ohtaiued :is to the government’s physical ability to imceonr the fm·t. but. aR1’Uming it pos– sible, was it wise as a political mt»lll’ure? The majority of the Cabinet, in.eluding Seward, rnted in the negative, giving rise to the repott that Sumter would be abandoned. Union people generally, wishing to f;Uppol’t the hra•e and loyal action of Major Anderson and hb: little band, vii.?orously protested against sueh an exhibition of weakness, and the longer the Government hesitated the more vigorously the popular will resented such a poli<'y. Finally, on Mal"Ch 29, in spite of General 8cott's adviee and Secretary Seward's opinion, the President, guided by public sentiment, directed a relief expedition to be ready to sail as early as April 6. На полный экран

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