periodic table

From Periodic Table to the Circle and Code of Natural Elements of the Universe

The Universe is infinite. For over hundred of years this point of view have prevailed, simply due to the lack of proof to support alternative opinions. There is no such three-dimensional geometric body that can be possibly compared with three-dimensional Universe. Thus the infinite Universe cannot have a center in a similar way the finite geometric body has a unique (central) point. However we can represent the infinite Universe consisting of the finite volumes (three-dimensional finite elements). In this case the infinite Universe can be defined as an infinite collection of the three-dimensional volumes. Three-dimensional volume can be represented by at least 4 points. If points are located at the vertices of the convex tetrahedron then it will form the first out of five regular Platonic solids with 4 vertices and 4 equivalent faces. However three-dimensional space cannot be filled entirely (without remaining empty spaces) with only tetrahedrons.

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