Аукционы SPINK 2014 года

Аукционы SPINK 2014 года


The Spink Environment Commitment: Paper from Sustainable Forests and Clean Ink Spink has a long history of preserving not only collectables but our planet, too. We are proud to ensure that our policy of sustainability and conservation keeps up with Spink’s growth, helping improve the environment for new generations of collectors.

Extensions Please see important changes to our Terms and Conditions for Buyers in regard to Extensions published at the back of this catalogue. Prospective buyers who wish to obtain an expert opinion on any lot (other than a mixed lot or lot containing undescribed stamps) are requested to notify Spink in writing not less than forty-eight hours before the time fixed for the commencement of the first session of the sale. If accepted by Spink, such request shall have the same effect as notice of an intention to question the genuineness or description of the lot for the purposes of Condition 3.4 of our Terms and Conditions for Buyers. Notice of a request for an expert opinion must give the reason why such is required and specify the identity of the expert which will be subject to the agreement of Spink. All lots for which Certificates of Authenticity are desired must be submitted by Spink to the Expert Committee for choice. Buyers are reminded that any lot(s) purchased “on extension” are subject to payment in accordance with our normal Terms & Conditions of Business. Settlement of any lots on extension should be made at the time of invoice payment. Overdue accounts are subject to interest charges. Extensions requested on account of condition will not be accepted for expert opinions. Any Lot described as having faults or defects may not be returned should a certificate cite other faults or defects not included in the catalogue description. Should Spink accept a request for an extension under the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, the fact may be stated by the Auctioneer from the rostrum prior to the sale of the lot. It should be noted that any stamp accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity is sold on the basis of that Certificate only and not on the basis of any other. No request for an extension will be accepted on such a stamp and the return of such a stamp will not be accepted.

Аукцион марок SPINK

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