Редкие боны и сертификаты

Бонды и сертификаты с аукциона SPINK

mainly Europe and the USA, including Grange Motor and Cycle Co. Ltd., £5 shares (2), 19[20] and 19[22], blue; New English Bank of the River Plate Ltd., preference shares of £5 each, 189[2], blue; Transmutograph Ltd., 2 shilling shares, 19[29], black; British Filograph Co. Ltd., 2 shilling shares, 19[29], black; Bone, Phosphate and Chemical Co. Ltd., first mortgage debenture for £10, 190[2], black on bluegrey paper, 4 pages, and others, mixed condition but generally fine to very fine, a few better (83) £80-100 2 A useful group of British Companies operating overseas (5), comprising Albion Gold Mining Company, £1 shares, [1853], black, on linen; Australian Royal Mail Steam navigation Company, one share, 1852, black on blue paper; East Indian Junction Railway Company, 1847; British Honduras Company Ltd., £5 share, 18[64], black; Mediterranean Electric Telegraph, £10 share, 185[4], coat of arms at top, black, and, Nova Scotia Land and Gold Crushing and Amalgamating Co. Ltd., £2 share, 1863, coat of arms in centre, black, generally about extremely fine (6) £120-150 3 Slough Creek Ltd., bearer warrant for 100 shares of 4 shillings each, London 190[7], no.47, ornate border, blue, together with other certificates from Commonwealth countries including; Sheba Gold Mining Co. Ltd., 10 shares of 5 shillings each, 19[12], black on blue paper; Bonsor Gold Mining Co. Ltd., £1 shares, 189[8], black; Jessie Gold Mining Co. Ltd., £1 shares, 189[9], red, and others (16), first two each with a small edge tear, otherwise generally very fine (20) £80-100 4 A useful group of certificates of British financed companies, including Egyptian Syndicate Ltd., ‘A’ shares, 1899, small Sphinx below title, green; Magadi Soda Co. Ltd., £1 ordinary shares, 19[19], vignette of salt lake, capital overprinted; Transvaal Gold Mining Estates Ltd., £1 shares, 190[4], vignette of mining camp; Bengal Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., mortgage debenture stock, 19[15], blue, printed by Waterlow & Sons; Leona Gold & Silver Mining Co. Ltd. (Mexico), £50 debentures (2), 190[1], blue; Mexican General Land Mortgage and Investment Co. Ltd., £5 shares, 188[9]; Orsk Goldfields Ltd., £1 shares, 190[6] and 190[7], different printings, and others ( 16), generally about very fine (25) £150-200 5 A miscellaneous collection of European and Colonial companies, many with duplication, mostly early 1900’s including; Compagnie Immobilière de Dusseldorf, 100 franc share (5), Paris 1905, ornate border, red and blue; Compagnie Francaise des Chocolats et des Thés L. Schaal & Cie., 500 franc share (4), Strasbourg 1927, allegorical figures in centre, brown and yellow; Compagnie Générale des Tabacs, 100 franc preference share (7), Paris 1927, plantation at top and ornate border, blue; Societate Anonima Romana Pentru Desvoltarea Industrie Miniere, 10 shares of 500 lei each (3), Bucharest 1923, very ornate border of allegorical figures and mine workings, brown and black; Motocyclettes et Automobiles “Viratelle”, 100 franc share (2), Lyon 1920; Société Immobilière de la Grande Plage d’Hyères, 100 franc share (2), 1927; Société des Plantes à Parfums de Madagascar, 100 franc share (9), 1927; La Kotto, 500 franc share, 1907, and others (25), listed items mostly good very fine, others very fine, a few with filing holes, many with light creasing (58) £

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