Charity Dinner with Wine Auction

Charity Dinner with Wine Auction

For more than 400 years, the Amoreau family has been producing wines at Château le Puy located on a site known in ancient time as the “Plateau of Wonders” overlooking the Saint-Emilion and Pomerol villages. Principles of biodynamics are used on the vineyard, giving us perfectly natural wines that are exported on five continents and particularly in Japan since 1992. It is quite obvious to propose our wines because their elegance and their delicacy go best with a refined, subtle cooking coming from an ancestral culture rooted in Japanese traditions. In 2009, Château le Puy 2003 was chosen as “Kami no Shisuku”. For us it seems only natural to give the last bottles of Château le Puy 2003 – from the family reserve – in aid of the 3.11 earthquake disaster victims. We also decided to add several other bottles of our most prestigious vintages. Ten non-profit associations have been selected to pursue the surge of solidarity with those, like us, who wish to bring back a smile on the face of so many children greatly sadden by the disaster. Now after three years, memory of this terrible event is fading. Therefore it is important to revive a support network in favor of our Japanese friends badly shaken in their flesh and in their soul. My family joins me in offering my sincere gratitude to those who helped to materialize this project. Thanks to all of you, I am fully confident that this auction will be without a doubt a great success. Many thanks. Jean Pierre Amoreau

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