Environmental problems

Сарбасова Карылгаш Курмангалиевна
преподаватель английского языка
Аксайский технический колледж
ЗКО,Бурлинский район,г.Аксай

Тема : Еnvironmental problems

Цели урока-конференции:
1.Повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка путём привлечения учащихся к проблемам окружающей среды
2.Обобщение и закрепление изученного материала по теме «Environmental problems».
3. Активизировать творческую деятельность учащихся в процессе работы над созданием проекта. Совершенствовать навыки диалогической речи, монологического высказывания.
Ход урока
Teacher – I am glad to see you.Good morning dear boys and girls! I hope you are ready for our lesson. Today our last lesson about environment and we want to show a conference lesson to your attention. We’ll repeat all we’ve learned at our lessons. What have you prepared for the lesson?
Student: We`ve worked hard and prepared reports and projects about environmental problems, some of us made a presentation «Ecological Problems», took pictures, others drew slogans and posters, a newspaper.
I think we`ll disscuss the theme “Environmental problems” at our lesson.

Suppose you get out of your house on an early sunny April day and see…
What is it? It is a yellow dandelion. It looks at you from the ground and
says “Protect me, please”. A great number of people all over the world
are taking part in the policy of controlling the atmosphere, the water, the climatic changes, because of man’s interference in nature. These problems are the subject of our lesson today. Your home task was to find information and to do reports about the protection of nature.

Student: We`ve read many articles about environmental problems, looked through the Internet and found much information on the theme. Some of us have done reports. We`ll listen them and discuss environmental problems at our lesson.
Teacher: So, the theme of our lesson is “Environmental problems”. Let`s start!
Работа с лексикой по теме «Environmental problems с целью
дальнейшего включения лексического запаса для составления списка экологических проблем.

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