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What Does the Future Hold for Crypto Exchanges, Eng Jul 2022

What Does the Future Hold for Crypto Exchanges_Eng_Jul 2022

Tony Cheng
General Partner, Foresight Ventures & Head of Corporate Development, Bitget
“The crypto market has seen significant progress over the past few years. We have seen
the market mature significantly as global user penetration grows with new use cases
being built out for Web3 and institutional flows increasing allocation to this new asset
class. We believe that as this market develops, even though there will be significant value
distributed across all parts of the value chain, the gateway through which users access
crypto (including exchanges and wallets) will see the largest value accrual. Being able to
act as a one-stop shop is still needed in many developing countries as these users still
are transitioning towards Web3. At Bitget and Foresight Ventures, we are betting on a
future where Web3 is distributed globally and access is made easy through mobile native
experiences. Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem that transcends Web2 and Web3,
that connects CeFi and DeFi, resulting in an expansive bridge to the vast web of crypto.
With this report from BCG, we hope that the deep insights from this report can help users
better understand the global exchange landscape as well as the global growth opportunity
for the gateways of crypto.”
Tjun Tang
Managing Director & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group
“Despite the recent market disruption, we believe the market has opportunities for growth
ahead. Crypto exchanges play a key role in the Web3 ecosystem by providing access,
liquidity, and infrastructure. With competition intensifying, crypto exchanges must adapt
to the dynamic market situation and transform their strategy to beat the competition. In
this report, we offer perspectives on the future of Web3 adoption, emerging high potential
markets, and the crypto exchange competitive landscape and future end-state. We high
light unique growth opportunities that crypto exchanges can explore: strengthening and
scaling core offerings; expanding into adjacent products and offerings; developing innova
tive business models; and leading the way in bringing Web3 solutions to traditional indus

1. Executive Summary

2. Crypto Adoption and Future Growth Potential

2.1 Crypto Economy Is Here to Stay
2.2 Crypto Still at the Beginning of the Adoption Curve
2.3 Three Macro Trends Impacting the Growth of Crypto Exchanges
2.4 Centralized Crypto Trading: A Large Market Opportunity

3. Crypto Trading Hot Spots

3.1 Global Crypto Growth Region Trading Overview
3.2 Latin America
3.3 Africa
3.4 Middle East
3.5 APAC — Southern Asia
3.6 APAC — Northern Asia & Oceania
4. Crypto Exchange Competitive Landscape and End-State Perspective
4.1 CEX and DEX: A Future of Co-Existence and Increased Convergence
4.2 What Is the Key to Winning over Crypto Traders Today?
4.3 How Has the Crypto Exchange Competitive Landscape Evolved?
4.4 What Is the Endgame for Crypto Exchange Competition?
5. Crypto Exchange Playbook for Growth

6. Conclusion

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