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2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 103 While these new additions improve the country's Quantity score, Ireland will need to bring more of its cities closer to the top to match the Quality scores of its contenders. Startup Ecosystem Overview Ireland’s ecosystems enjoy a few substantial advantages. The country is perfectly located between North America and Europe, and has a highly skilled, native English speaking population. All this, combined with a generous tax policy which encourages giants like Google and Facebook to place their international headquarters in the country, lays the foundation for a global hub. However, the presence of high profile American corporations, while great for the economy, also creates a challenge for the startup scene, as many potential entrepreneurs have the option of taking high paying jobs for established companies instead of following the uncertain path of entrepreneurship. Brexit has made Ireland a good substitute for EU tech talent wishing to relocate to an English speaking country with an abundance of tech jobs, especially now that the UK is no longer an easy option for immigration. While Brexit relocations are currently on the decline, Dublin remains the most popular EU city to relocate to for United Kingdom financial service firms. However, Ireland’s potential has yet to be fully realized, and many talented Irish founders still choose to relocate or establish their startups in more prominent ecosystems (e.g. Stripe, which was founded by the Collision brothers). The public sector is trying to reverse this with measures aimed at attracting investment. For example, the Employment Incentive and Investment Scheme (EIIS) offers tax relief to investors, while IDA Ireland is facilitating multinational integration and general economic improvement. In addition, the public agency Enterprise Ireland is providing generous support for startups by implementing a number of useful initiatives, such as Start In Ireland (a one-stop-shop with information relating to the Irish startup landscape). As more regional startups gain unicorn status (Wayflyer, Flipdish) we hope to see even more global attention paid to this vibrant startup scene. Notable Startups and Ecosystem Champions ÂAQMetrics Kildare, Ireland AQMetrics offers Legal Governance and Risk & Compliance (GRC) software for financial service firms trading on global financial markets. ÂWayflyer Dublin, Ireland Wayflyer is a revenue-based financing platform for e-commerce brands. ÂFlipdish Dublin, Ireland Flipdish helps on-demand food businesses create branded food ordering systems, websites, and apps. Unicorn Unicorn Early stage Median round: $0.8M Medium and late stage Median round: $7.2M Startups Funding Share