Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 122 Startup Ecosystem Overview South Korea is a nation with a proven track record of building outstanding global corporations while also creating an impressive amount of tech unicorns, such as the ecommerce site Coupang. The country’s biggest advantage is the number of global companies (such as Samsung and LG) that can potentially provide investment and support to local entrepreneurs. International companies have also recognized the startup potential of South Korea’s startup scene and established a presence with initiatives such as Google Campus and Innovation Lab Korea, powered by Facebook. On the other hand, the corporate culture paired with an abundance of high quality, respectable jobs might also keep potential entrepreneurs working as employees instead of venturing to build their own startups. The government is well aware of this challenge, and is investing heavily in startups, as well as creating regulatory sandboxes that decrease legal risks for entrepreneurs. Second chance startup initiatives have also been established as a measure of minimizing the cost of failure for entrepreneurs and providing support through incubation and mentorship. South Korean startups benefit from some of the most forward thinking and comprehensive government support in the world. Foreign entrepreneurs looking to benefit from this support are welcomed and encouraged by the OASIS Visa and by a number of dedicated support facilities. The public sector is covering a lot of ground by supporting SMEs and startups. The Government's long established Korean “Fund of Funds” is worth billions, and has become a critical component of the startup ecosystems of South Korea. At the same time, the private sector is doing its share too, with VCs investing more and more every year. While steps have been taken in the right direction, the main challenge for South Korea remains encouraging potential entrepreneurs to embrace risk and create startups as an alternative path to the norm of climbing the corporate ladder. Mindsets are beginning to change, especially in younger generations who are more prone to innovation and risk taking. Early stage Median round: $1.69M Medium and late stage Median round: $15.21M Startups Funding Share