Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 127 23 | Austria Austria has had an impressive year, jumping 5 spots to rank 23rd. This brings the country closer to the highly competitive environment of the top 20. However, the differences in scores among countries ranked 23rd-25th are minimal. Austria also has improved its position in the EU, where it now ranks 12th. This positive momentum on the country level can be explained by Vienna’s substantial increase in the top 100. With an impressive 14 spot jump to position 71, Vienna has widened the gap with Austria’s 2nd tier startup ecosystems. The city is the only ecosystem in Austria in the top 200 and the only one to show positive momentum this year. Vienna also ranks well in the EU, where it placed 14th. The ecosystem is ranked 18th in the world in Edtech, its highest performing industry. The gap in total score between Vienna and Austria's 2nd ranked city, Graz, is massive. Graz decreased 49 spots to rank 251st while Linz decreased by 13 spots to rank 320th. The most notable losses were suffered by Salzburg (ranked 491st), Innsbruck (ranked 725th), and Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (ranked 816th). Austria gets closer to the top 20 after jumping 5 spots. National Rank and Change City Global Rank and Change Total Score Overperforming Industry 1 Vienna 71 9.449 Edtech 2 Graz 251 2.929 3 Linz 320 1.769 4 Salzburg 491 0.762 5 Innsbruck 725 0.339 6 Wiener Neustadt 792 0.278 7 Klagenfurt amWörthersee 816 0.257 +14 −49 −13 −83 −120 new −116 − − − − − − new For more information about the rankings of cities, view the country dashboard on Startupblink.com. 18 2020 2021 2022 Regional Rank Startup Ecosystem Ranking Global Rank