Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 137 In 2021, Brazil had 5 cities in the global top 200; this year, it has only 3. Rio de Janeiro decreased by 32 spots to 180th while Belo Horizonte decreased by 61 spots to 215th. Rio de Janeiro, still in the top 10 for Latin America at 9th, has lost one spot since last year.Overall, the country had 32 ecosystems last year in the top 1000. This number fell to 24 this year, and only 7 of these cities are in the top 500, compared to 12 in 2021. This steep, country-wide decline, combined with São Paulo's rise, may suggest that São Paulo attracts so much talent, investment and attention, leaving insufficient ingredients for success in many other regions in the country. In response to the results of the Index, the Mayor of Curitiba, Mr. Rafael Greca, said: "Curitiba has all it takes for a vibrant startup ecosystem: high skilled labor, great universities, diversity of industries, bold entrepreneurs and an innovative spirit that spreads all over Pinhão Valley, our collaborative movement for innovation. We celebrate our position in the 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Index, which motivates us to work harder, to grow even more and to deliver the benefits of innovation to every citizen." Startup Ecosystem Overview Brazil is a leading Latin American startup economy due to its massive size and market potential. Despite having a difficult year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazil’s startup ecosystems managed to attract record funding, particularly in seed rounds. In addition, Brazil continues to produce notable unicorns, such as Nuvemshop, Olist, and MadeiraMadeira. Large corporations contribute to the favorable startup climate by providing accelerator programs and incubators as well as strong funding opportunities. Brazil still has low hanging fruits for greatly improving its startup economy. Reducing high interest rates, improving the level of English, and executing much needed business reforms will unlock the country’s potential. It’s encouraging to see public policy initiatives such as InovAtiva Brasil, StartOut Brasil, and Capital Empreendedor, as well as new legal frameworks for startups that are aimed at supporting and promoting startup expansion. For Brazil to maintain its startup ecosystem development and encourage more startups, public institutions should keep focusing on promoting the country to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The fact that foreigners can now access an Investor Visa indicates that the country is making progress. Early stage Median round: $0.38M Medium and late stage Median round: $12.58M Startups Funding Share