Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 148 One of the biggest winners is Christchurch, which has had a very substantial leap of 168 spots to 228th globally, surpassing Wellington as the second highest ranked city nationally. Wellington also advanced 15 places to 268th globally. This was a stellar year for New Zealand cities in lower tiers, showing the diversity and potential of New Zealand’s ecosystems. 5 new cities have entered the global rankings: Dunedin (578th), Tauranga (607th), Hamilton (818th), Palmerston North (823rd), and Nelson (873rd). Unfortunately, the beautiful city of Queenstown, which joined the top 1000 last year, has dropped from the Index. Startup Ecosystem Overview New Zealand is claiming the role of regional player in the Oceania startup scene. The country has come a long way from relying on an agricultural economy to focusing on technology and innovation. With the public sector’s involvement, investments in startups multiplied, and the country now relies on startups to maintain economic growth. Considering the country’s small population, the results are encouraging. The New Zealand startup ecosystems have an interesting relationship with their Australian counterparts; Australia is not only a close ally, but also a large potential foreign market. The two countries share the same language, and there is free movement across borders. On the other hand, as Australia offers so many incentives for talent to relocate, it is also a source of brain drain from New Zealand ecosystems. Besides the larger market for expansion provided by Australia, New Zealand entrepreneurs view the US, UK, and Singapore as possible countries to scale their startups in spite of the time zone challenges. New Zealand’s public sector has implemented several forward thinking initiatives, such as a matching fund for companies investing in early-stage startups. In addition, new Research and Development Tax Incentives help startups attract a highly qualified workforce, while the Entrepreneur Work Visa ensures a steady flow of foreign startup founders. These development plans are well intentioned, but an overall increase in impactful startups is needed to take New Zealand’s ecosystem to the next level. Early stage Median round: $0.7M Medium and late stage Median round: $9M Startups Funding Share Notable Startups and Ecosystem Champions  Leaft Foods Canterbury, New Zealand Leaft Foods is creating a new food system by capturing the most abundant protein on the planet - rubisco from green leaves. ÂLawVu Tauranga, New Zealand LawVu is creating better business outcomes with the Legal Workspace for in-house legal teams. ÂNewFish Auckland, New Zealand NewFish is an early stage food and biotechnology company focused on microalgae fermentation. Our Report Partner