Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 155 Poland scores relatively better on the Quantity Score than on the Quality score. This shows that Poland continues to develop more startups, and the focus should be on helping them make more impact. Poland maintained 14 cities in the global top 1000 in 2022: Gliwice joined the list at position 615, while Bielsko-Biala dropped below the 1000 threshold. The highest ranked Polish city remains Warsaw which is now 106th after decreasing 28 spots. Krakow (ranked 186th) and Wrocław (ranked 187th) are almost at a tie as suggested by their total scores. Wrocław’s best performing industry is Hardware & IoT where the ecosystem ranks in the top 200. The only Polish city to jump in the Index this year has been Białystok, with an impressive 124 spot increase to position 766th. In addition, we would like to welcome to the Index Gliwice which is ranked 615th. Startup Ecosystem Overview With a strong economy, talented developers, and a government committed to actively supporting the growth of its startup ecosystem, Poland has yet to achieve its true potential. Over the years, the Polish public sector has taken an overly active approach focused on direct investments and government-backed funding, which has backfired on the ecosystem and its organic growth. This is a good case study of a central planner approach, common to many countries in Europe and Asia, which seems good in theory but does not yield positive results. Massive statesponsored investment has created a glut of artificially inflated valuations, producing startups that require the life-support of government funds. This multiplies both bureaucracy and red tape. Talented entrepreneurs and promising startups not interested in public sector investment will probably try their luck elsewhere. Likewise, private investors will now need to compete with the public sector directly, which pushes those who are genuinely interested in investing in startups out of the local ecosystem. Regardless, Poland is on track to becoming a strong economic European startup hub sooner or later, there is simply too much economic potential and too many talented entrepreneurs for it not to happen. Global corporations have taken notice of Poland’s potential and are investing resources to support local ecosystem growth (e.g. Google Campus in Warsaw, HubRaum in Krakow). We have already seen that the country can produce major success stories, such as DocPlanner, and we hope this will replicate and attract more funding and attention to the country’s startup scene. Early stage Median round: $0.54M Medium and late stage Median round: $6.65M Startups Funding Share