Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 157 Chile increased 2 spots this year, advancing to 34th globally and regaining its position from 2020. Chile remains the 2nd highest ranked country in Latin America, ahead of Mexico and Argentina. It is the highest ranked Latin American country by Business score, positioning Chile as the country with the most entrepreneur-friendly business environment in Latin America. The city of Santiago advanced 3 spots to 67th globally, and ranks notably for Foodtech at 19th worldwide. Regionally, Santiago is the 4th highest ranked city in Latin America. Nationally, the gap between Santiago and other ranked Chilean cities is exceptionally large, meaning that Chile’s ecosystem is highly centralized and overly dependent on Santiago. Other ranked Chilean cities have fallen dramatically in the Index, with Viña del Mar registering the most significant fall of 273 spots to 960th globally. Additionally, Valparaiso has fallen 208 spots to 951st, while Concepcion has fallen out of the top 1000 cities. This leaves Chile with only 3 cities in the global top 1000, two of which are ranked below 900, which is the most volatile part of the ranking, presenting a risk that these cities will drop out of the Index next year. Compared to 2020, when Chile had five cities in the top 1000, now it has only three, two of which are on the verge of falling out of the Index. It is evident that Chilean startup ecosystems are seriously lagging behind in development, and the country's global position is excessively dependent on Santiago. In a global environment where other ecosystems invest heavily in their growth, this may not be a sustainable situation for Chile. Chile remains the 2nd highest ranked ecosystem in Latin America. 34 | Chile 2020 2021 2022 Regional Rank Startup Ecosystem Ranking Global Rank National Rank and Change City Global Rank and Change Total Score Overperforming Industry 1 Santiago 67 9.708 Foodtech 2 Valparaiso 951 0.178 3 Viña del Mar 960 0.175 19 +3 −208 −273 − +1 −1 For more information about the rankings of cities, view the country dashboard on Startublink.com.