Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 158 Early stage Median round: $0.2M Medium and late stage Median round: $7.3M Startups Funding Share Startup Ecosystem Overview One of the main factors contributing to the health of Chile’s startup ecosystem is a progressive economy relative to other countries in Latin America. One clearly effective program from a marketing standpoint, Startup Chile has garnered global acknowledgment for the country. The program is not restricted to Chilean entrepreneurs and gives founders around the world generous support through an accelerator in Santiago, along with a 1 year startup visa. This was an innovative way to attract foreign entrepreneurs, and other countries are now trying to replicate it. For this reason we have marked Startup Chile as a member of the pantheon club on the StartupBlink map. Chile is a country whose ecosystem developers, like their Estonian counterparts, have actively built a narrative which we hope will become a reality, and we respect this daring approach toward innovative policy-making. We wish more ecosystem developers in the world would do the same. However effective, these marketing and government programs have not yet translated into the creation of unicorns. One reason for this is that Chilean startups tend to focus on local rather than international markets, and the local market of 19 million is relatively small. The collaborative and innovative startup playground of Santiago de Chile, coupled with forward thinking and advanced startup promotion initiatives from the Chilean government, will serve Chile’s startup ecosystem well over the coming years. Notable Startups and Ecosystem Champions ÂNotCo Santiago, Chile NotCo is a food technology company that produces plant-based meat and dairy substitutes. ÂBetterfly Santiago, Chile Betterfly is a purpose-driven collective wellbeing platform that converts healthy activities into charitable donations. ÂMigrante Santiago, Chile Migrante provides consumer secured loans and financial advice to underbanked people in LATAM. Pantheons ÂStartup Chile Santiago, Chile Startup Chile is a globally recognized seed accelerator created by the Chilean Government. Unicorn Unicorn