Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 161 36 | Bulgaria Bulgaria decreased one spot to rank 36th globally but remains the highest ranking country in the Balkans. That said, It's important to note that Bulgaria’s national rank is positively influenced more by its Quantity score, where it ranks 27th worldwide, than by its Quality score. All ranked Bulgarian cities have decreased in their rankings this year. The Bulgarian capital Sofia, ranked 1st in Bulgaria, had a mild decrease of 2 spots to rank 123rd globally, maintaining its position as 2nd highest ranked city in the Balkans. Sofia ranks in the top 100 for five industries, and highest in Marketing & Sales at 81st globally. Bulgaria’s startup ecosystems have lost momentum. 2020 2021 2022 Regional Rank Startup Ecosystem Ranking Global Rank National Rank and Change City Global Rank and Change Total Score Overperforming Industry 1 Sofia 123 5.654 Marketing & Sale 2 Varna 644 0.446 81 −2 −224 − − For more information about the rankings of cities, view the country dashboard on Startublink.com. Bulgaria’s 2nd ranked city, Varna, fell 224 spots to 644th globally, strongly establishing topranked Sofia as the dominant Bulgarian hub of entrepreneurial innovation, and showing the centralization of the Bulgarian ecosystem. Bulgaria has only 2 cities in the top 1000 startup ecosystems this year, versus 3 cities in 2021, after Plovdiv dropped from the Index. Compared to 2020 when it had 4 ranked cities, we see a clear negative trend in the development of Bulgarian startup ecosystems.