Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 183 45 | Croatia Croatia had a substantial decrease of 8 spots to rank 45th globally, showing that its growth momentum has slowed down. Regionally, Croatia is ranked 3rd in the Balkans, losing its 2nd position to Romania, and still unable to threaten Bulgaria's top position. However, Croatia ranks 1st in the Balkans on Business score, showing it has the most entrepreneur-friendly business environment regionally. The highest ranking Croatian city, Zagreb, has not managed to compete with its counterparts and has dropped 16 spots this year to 194th globally. However, Zagreb ranks 15th in Eastern Europe and 5th in the Balkans. In exYugoslavia countries, Zagreb is now ranked lower than Ljubljana (190th globally), and better than Belgrade (200th globally). Zagreb is not the only Croatian city to have negative momentum. In fact, all ranked Croatian cities have dropped in the Index. This included 3 cities dropping completely from the Index, leaving Croatia with three cities in the global top 1000, versus six cities in 2021. Ranked 2nd nationally, the port city of Rijeka ranks 450th globally after a 12 spot decrease. Likewise, Split, ranked 3rd in Croatia, decreased 13 spots to 603rd globally. City rankings show that Zagreb is the dominant startup ecosystem in Croatia, and work should be done both on decentralization and on stronger development of other local ecosystems to boost the national startup economy, while at the same time making an effort to keep Zagreb in the top 200. In spite of a negative momentum, Croatia remains in top 50 globally. 2020 2021 2022 Regional Rank Startup Ecosystem Ranking Global Rank National Rank and Change City Global Rank and Change Total Score Overperforming Industry 1 Zagreb 194 4.329 Software & Data 2 Rijeka 450 0.909 3 Split 603 0.501 91 −16 −12 −13 − +1 +1 For more information about the rankings of cities, view the country dashboard on Startublink.com.