Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 196 Startup Ecosystem Overview As Ukraine bravely faces war, it is difficult to say what the after effects on the startup scene will be and how fast Ukraine will rebuild its physical and economic infrastructure. The country had been going through economic difficulties for several years before the war, but still managed to create technology that is both scalable and global. This attests to their talented and resilient workforce. Some examples of impressive startups originating in Ukraine are Grammarly, Gitlab, and Ahrefs, all with massive global member bases. A main reason for Ukraine’s success is the talent of their developers, who are sought after by many foreign companies, either remotely or in local development centers. One major challenge that the Ukrainian startup ecosystem will be facing is, ironically, unprecedented support from other European nations that allows Ukranians to live and work in their countries for extended periods. This assistance is much needed in time of war, but we can only hope that Ukranian tech and IT talent will come back home once the war is over, and forego relocating to their new host countries, so that we see Ukrainian ecosystems regain their previous strength. The international business community is also coming together to show support for Ukrainian startups: Google launched the Ukraine Support Fund, and Network VC (USA) established both a Special Venture Fund and a Support Ukrainian Startups program. Prior to the war, the government and international organizations took notice of Ukrainian startup economy potential, and although resources were relatively scarce, some initiatives were taken to support growth. In 2019, Ukraine’s Startup Fund was established and a Strategic Vision for 2025 was developed. The strategy focused on supporting early-stage startups through funding and promoting access to support services, as well as to solidify globally-competitive incubation and acceleration programs. More than 200 startups were beneficiaries of this fund. Ukraine has a difficult road ahead, but we hope to see the country's startup ecosystems rise stronger. Innovation can come from necessity, and Ukraine will have to capitalize on all its assets to make sure the country and its economy are rebuilt. Notable Startups and Ecosystem Champions ÂGrammarly Kyiv, Ukraine Grammarly is a digital writing assistant. ÂPeople.ai Kyiv, Ukraine People is the AI platform for enterprise sales, marketing, and customer success that uncovers revenue opportunities. ÂAjax Systems Kyiv, Ukraine Ajax Systems manufactures smart security systems and sensors for homes. Unicorn Unicorn Our Ecosystem Partner