Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 20 Country Rankings Insights The Top 10 Some interesting shifts are happening in the top 10 countries. To start, the US maintains its status as the highest ranked country, with a total score gap almost 4 times that of the second ranked country, the UK. The prediction of a US decline has yet to materialize, with more American cities strengthening and offsetting the gradual demise of San Francisco as the global startup leader. In total, the US has 257 cities in the top 1000 rankings, no other country comes close. The UK, however, has substantially increased its lead over the 3rd ranked country, Israel, and is now well entrenched as the 2nd highest ranked country globally. It should also be noted that the UK has an impressive 78 cities ranked, making it the only country other than the US with more than 50 cities in the Index. Israel was a whisker away from overthrowing the UK in 2021, and is now not only a distant second, but sees the national ecosystem of Canada, ranked 4th, closing in. Canada, with a successful year, has also created a substantial gap above all ecosystems ranked below it, creating a Big 4 club of countries that have established dominant leading positions. The first change in the top 10 is at spot 5, now claimed by Sweden, overtaking Germany at 6th, to become the first ranked EU country in terms of startup ecosystem success. At 7th, Singapore has registered a substantial increase of 3 spots, also making it the highest ranked Asian country in the Index, at China's expense. After negative momentum over the last few years, Australia has managed to register a slight recovery, increasing one spot to 8th. Another impressive jump is registered by France, increasing by 3 spots and entering the top 10 and signaling its potential to become a dominant global ecosystem. Closing the top 10, China, after 3 years of consecutive growth, has seen a substantial decrease of 3 spots and lost its position as the highest ranked Asian economy. From 11 to 20 Three of the countries (Netherlands, Estonia, Finland) ranked 11-14 have maintained their stability with the same strong position they had last year, keeping them relatively close to the top 10. The first change in this batch was a drop by Switzerland, leaving the top 10 to rank 12th. Good momentum was registered by Ireland, jumping 3 spots to 15th globally. Both the ecosystems of Spain (16th) and Lithuania (17th) registered a mild decline this year. The 3 countries closing the top 20 have all increased, starting with Denmark at 18th after an impressive jump, India climbing to 19th, and Japan making it into the top 20.