Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 21 From 21 to 50 Three countries are new to the global top 25. The first, Austria, made an impressive advance of 5 spots to rank 23rd. Norway also registered a massive increase, now ranking 24th after jumping 7 spots this year. Closing the top 25 global countries is Taiwan, advancing one spot after most of its second tier cities experienced substantial growth. Brazil, the first ranked Latin American country, and the United Arab Emirates, the second ranked MENA region country, both registered mild 2 spot decreases to be ranked 26th and 27th globally. Russia, now ranked 29th, has registered a massive decline of 12 spots, reflecting the challenges the war has had on the country's startup ecosystem. New Zealand managed to return to the top 30 after increasing 3 spots this year. Poland, at 33rd, further declined by 3 spots this year, continuing an ongoing trend since 2019 when it ranked 20th globally. In the batch of countries ranked 30-50, there are 4 Latin American countries registering positive growth and showcasing the region’s advancing ecosystems. Chile is closing in on Brazil, ranked 34th and increasing by two spots. Mexico, ranked 35th, is just behind Chile after registering a 3 spot increase. Argentina at 37th also increased by 2 spots. The last Latin American country ranked in the top 50 is Colombia, now ranked 44th after increasing 3 spots. 3 additional countries have advanced substantially in the top 50. The first is Indonesia, advancing 7 spots to rank 38th globally. The second is Iceland, leaping an impressive 14 spots to rank 41st globally. The last is Greece, jumping 6 spots and back into the top 50 at 48th. Notable declines in the top 50 include Croatia, ranked 45th after decreasing 8 spots, and Ukraine, decreasing 16 spots to 50th globally. Needless to say, the recent war adversely impacted the impressive Ukrainian startup ecosystem; we hope the country can soon rebound and rebuild. It should also be noted that South Africa, although declining by one spot to 49th, is still the only African country in the global top 50.