Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 22 From 51 to 100 Some of the countries showing positive momentum in the 50-100 tier are as follows: Vietnam, Armenia, Costa Rica, and Panama have all increased by 5 spots to rank 54th, 60th, 67th, and 78th respectively. Helped by the massive leap of the Lagos startup ecosystem, Nigeria switched places with Kenya to become the second highest African country in the index after increasing 2 spots to 61st globally. Both Georgia and Mongolia in the growing Central Asian region have increased 7 spots to rank 73rd and 81st respectively. The good news for central Asia does not end there, as Kyrgyzstan makes its debut in the index at 100th. The Middle East & Africa region experienced volatility this year. The region is represented by 19 countries in the 51-100 range, and all 19 countries shuffled their rankings this year, with quite a few experiencing sizable shifts up and down the Index. Bahrain increased by 2 spots to rank 64th, while Egypt increased 5 spots to closely follow at 65th. Morocco also registered an impressive jump of 16 spots to rank 79th globally. The small island of Cape Verde is punching above its weight at 80th globally after increasing 7 spots. Some of the most notable declines in the 50-100 range include North Macedonia declining 11 spots to 69th globally, Rwanda decreasing 15 spots to 84th, Moldova decreasing 11 spots to 88th, Jamaica decreasing 15 spots to 94th, Bosnia and Herzegovina decreasing 10 spots to 95th, and Kuwait decreasing 9 spots to 99th. In addition to the debut by Kyrgyzstan, there are 4 other countries either returning or making their debut this year. The first is the small and beautiful country of Andorra, ranked 89th. The second is Senegal, ranked 92nd. The third is the surprising Kosovo, ranked 96th. The fourth is Angola, ranked 97th. The countries that have left the top 100 Index this year are Uganda, Nepal, Ethiopia, Paraguay, and the Dominican Republic.