Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 26 Brussels has demonstrated the best growth in Europe this year, jumping 13 spots to rank 59th. Manchester, the second highest UK city, has increased 8 spots, hopefully finally making it possible for a second UK city to rank in the top 50 and offset the dominance of London. Two additional European winners this year are Vienna, jumping 14 spots to rank 71st, and Oslo, jumping 27 spots to rank 72nd. One of the most celebrated and interesting jumps this year is from Lagos, jumping 41 spots to rank 81st. Lagos is the first African city to ever reach the global top 100, congratulations! One of the notable declines in this tier was registered in Zurich, which decreased 11 spots to rank 68th globally. Jerusalem lost its second rank in the MENA region after a massive drop of 32 spots to 86th. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has registered the biggest drop in the top 100, declining 45 spots to 93rd. The implications of current events are still unclear, and we hope the city regains its outstanding momentum and talent soon. Two major Asian cities have also substantially decreased and are now at risk of losing their top 100 ranking. The first is Bangkok, decreasing 28 spots to rank 99th, and Manila, decreasing 13 spots to rank 100th globally. A few new cities made it to the top 100 this year, including two Indian cities: Pune, increasing 14 spots to rank 90th globally, and Hyderabad, increasing 9 spots to rank 97th. Two additional entrants are Edinburgh, increasing 6 spots and giving the UK 6 cities in the top 100, and Louisville in the United States, jumping an impressive 62 spots to rank 98th. From 101 to 200 In ecosystems ranked 101-200 there were some notable changes. Firstly, a few Asian Pacific ecosystems such as Brisbane (101st) and Chennai (102nd) are getting very close to achieving a top 100 ecosystem status. Some startup ecosystems in Central Europe have registered a decline in rank, including the top 3 ecosystems of Poland (Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw), and Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, all of which decreased by double digits. Some of the most substantial jumps in this tier were registered by Ho Chi Minh City, now ranked 111th after increasing by 68 spots, Boise, ranked 120th globally after jumping 77 spots, Zug at 121st globally after increasing by 45 spots, Athens at 132nd after increasing by 21 spots, and Cairo at 160th after increasing by 20 spots. Curitiba in Brazil is also one of the only cities in this country to register good momentum in 2022, solidifying its 2nd rank nationally and ranking 141st globally. Two Swedish cities, Malmö (up 18 positions) and Gothenburg (up 6 positions) have also boosted the Swedish ecosystem status this year, closing gaps with the country’s top ecosystem, Stockholm. A few United Kingdom cities have also enjoyed a jump of more than 50 spots in the rankings. Those include Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Sheffield. Some new entrants to the top 200 cities this year include Winnipeg, Canada (ranked 192nd), Sankt Gallen, Switzerland (193rd), Oulo, Finland (195th), Hshinchu, Taiwan (196th), and Stavanger, Norway (198th).