Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 47 Latin America & Caribbean The Latin America & Caribbean region has a total of 60 cities represented in the global top 1000, with 11 countries ranking in the global top 100. Six of these countries improved their rankings in 2022, and five of them lost momentum. The highest ranked country is Brazil at 26th, down 2 spots since 2021. The rest of the regional top 5 countries (Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia) have increased by 2 or 3 spots, showing very positive momentum among the strongest players in the region. The regional top 20 cities have seen generally positive results: 12 cities improved their rankings, notably the seven highest ranked, as well as Puebla (ranked 236th in the world, 193 spots up since 2021) and Nassau (newly ranked city that entered straight to the 313th spot globally and 19th regionally). On the other side of the spectrum, cities such as Belo Horizonte, Montevideo, Porto Alegre, and Florianópolis have all lost more than 50 spots. However, only 6 of the region's top 20 dropped in rankings, versus 12 that improved. Subregions within Latin America & Caribbean performed differently, however. Central America had a good year; All of its ranked countries improved: Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. This region is strongly dominated by Mexico, which contributes 14 of the cities in the regional top 20 list. Mexico City had a strong year, solidifying its position in the global top 50 at 44th. The story is more mixed in South America, where three countries climbed up the rankings, and four countries declined. Among cities, the 5 top South American ecosystems improved their rankings, most notably São Paulo (16th) and Bogota (70th), but numerous other cities declined in rankings. The Caribbean subregion had the least positive year. With the Dominican Republic dropping out, Jamaica is the only ranked country, at 94th after a 15 spot drop. Among Caribbean cities, Jamaica's decline is represented by Kingston and Montego Bay being pushed out of the rankings, but three other cities made a debut: Nassau, The Bahamas (313th), George Town, Cayman Islands (397th) and Willemstad, Curaçao (939), bringing the subregion's representation in the global top 1000 to 6 cities. Regional Rank Country Number of ranked cities Global Rank Rank Change (from 2021) Total Score 1 Brazil 24 26 –2 9.480 2 Chile 3 34 +2 6.589 3 Mexico 11 35 +3 6.021 4 Argentina 4 37 +2 5.674 5 Colombia 4 44 +3 5.357 6 Uruguay 1 56 –5 3.304 7 Peru 1 63 –1 2.052 8 Costa Rica 1 67 +5 1.445 9 Panama 1 78 +5 0.633 10 Ecuador 1 87 –1 0.441 11 Jamaica 0 94 –15 0.317