Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 54 In fact, we have recorded sizable seed activity in a growing number of smaller US ecosystems, which may enter the top 1000 list in the near future if they continue growing. Another indication for the US dominance in the global startup scene can be seen by examining the number of US cities ranked in the global top 300. Last year there were 81 such cities. This year, although the top-1000 list includes only 257 US cities versus 267 last year, the US has 90 cities ranked in the top 300. Overall, the US scores very strongly on Quality. The country now boasts 3 times more unicorns than China and over 6 times more exits, and the growth in the number of such success stories yearover-year is significantly higher than in China. With this year's downward trend in China, it is clear that the US will continue to be the dominant startup ecosystem leader for years to come. However, the gaps are narrowing, and local ecosystem developers should do more than before in the face of growing competition. Notable Startups and Ecosystem Champions ÂReddit San Francisco, USA Reddit is an online platform that enables users to submit links, create content, and discuss topics of interest. ÂFigma San Francisco, USA Figma is a design platform enabling teams to build products together. ÂEpic Games Cary, USA Epic Games is an interactive entertainment company that develops games and offers its game engine technology to other developers. Pantheons ÂApple San Francisco, USA Apple designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. ÂGoogle San Francisco, USA Google specializes in internet-related services and products which include online advertising technologies, search engine, and cloud computing. ÂAmazon Seattle, USA Amazon focuses on Ecommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. ÂMeta San Francisco, USA Previously known as Facebook, Meta is a social media and social networking service company. Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn