Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 70 It overperforms primarily in Social & Leisure where it is ranked 6th after a 2 place increase. All of Sweden’s second tier cities performed extremely well this year. The country now has five cities in the top 300, versus three last year. Malmö increased 19 spots to rank 118th and Gothenburg increased by 6 spots to rank 165th. However, we particularly congratulate the meteoric jump of Uppsala which increased 210 places and ranks 206th. On the national level, Uppsala displaced Lund, although the ecosystem still had a good year globally, advancing 28 spots and ranking 290th globally. Below the rank of 500 and in the top 1000, Sweden improved its number of seed startup ecosystems by adding new cities such as Boras, Umea, and Örebro. This brings the total number of startup ecosystems in the top 1000 to 21, an immense increase compared to only 10 ranked cities in 2021. This growth - if it remains sustainable in the upcoming years - demonstrates that the Swedish startup scene is reaching a new level of maturity. To close gaps with Canada, Sweden should keep developing more seed activity and improve its Quantity score. In addition, while we congratulate more cities entering the top 500, it is important for Sweden to try and bring more cities in the top 100 as well. Startup Ecosystem Overview Sweden’s startup ecosystem capitalizes on the country’s unique advantages, such as its high quality of life, gender equality, strong business climate, and global competitiveness. Historically, Swedish entrepreneurs have built extremely high-quality global startups like Spotify, Minecraft, Klarna, and King. These are achievements very few European ecosystems have so far matched, signaling Sweden’s ability to become a leader of tech innovation in Europe. Considering its population of around 10 million, Sweden manages to show that smaller countries can create massive impact. The success of the Swedish startup ecosystem is attracting new funding options, as investors and VC firms are increasing capital availability in anticipation of future unicorns. Since Stockholm frequently produces successful startups, the mindset of regional entrepreneurs has changed from local to global. Ubiquitous high speed internet connectivity, good knowledge of English, and public sector support make it easier for Swedish entrepreneurs to focus globally. Support for the startup scene is reflected in the number of events, coworking spaces, and accelerators in Sweden, as well as Sweden Demo Day, which is Early stage Median round: $1.02M Medium and late stage Median round: $7.53M Startups Funding Share