Глобальный индекс экосистем стартапов 2022

2022 | StartupBlink View the Global Startup Map p. 94 Good news from Zug, a city that saw a jump both nationally and globally. Zug advanced one spot and displaced Geneva at 4th nationally. Globally, the city made a massive leap of 45 spots to rank 121st in the world. Geneva, on the other hand, decreased 20 spots to 138th while remaining close to Zug in total score. In the national top 10, some younger startup ecosystems experiencing good global momentum this year include Sankt Gallen (at 193rd), Lugano (at 358th), and Neuchatel (at 481st). Overall, Switzerland has added 3 new cities to the rankings this year, boasting 17 cities in the top 1000 as opposed to 14 in 2021. Startup Ecosystem Overview Switzerland projects the image of a strong and well organized country. Its banking policies and financial stability make it a reliable place for investment. One of its key advantages is the relative openness of its regulators toward change and disruption. This was clearly evident when the nation became one of the world’s strongest Blockchain ecosystems, and is especially evident in Zug, where Ethereum is headquartered. In addition to fintech, Switzerland enjoys a strong performance in the industry of life science, which is not surprising considering it is home to several global pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis. Zurich has also established itself as a hub for innovation, offering the perfect climate for startups to become unicorns. The highly skilled labor force is a valuable asset for Switzerland, despite this also translating into a high employment cost for startups. Fortunately, the country makes it easy for regional citizens to enter and work in Switzerland due to the agreements it has established with the European Union. Switzerland also has a great track record in attracting foreign investment, and even offers a Golden Investor Visa. In 2021, the country saw a 44% increase in investment, with the ICT/ fintech and biotech sectors as top choices for funding. Switzerland’s public sector is focused on promoting entrepreneurial awareness and positive attitudes towards startups. Additionally, the country has strong physical, commercial, and professional infrastructures for supporting entrepreneurship. Early stage Median round: $1.0M Medium and late stage Median round: $6.5M Startups Funding Share